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One Last Chance… May 31, 2008

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30 May 2008

Hello all!

It’s Bethany here again. I am just writing to give some “business” information to all of you. A few things…

–    New Phone Card: I know we only have a short amount of time left here, but if you are still yearning to call one of the four of us we have found a phone card that is only $0.26/minute. If you would like to look into that phone card the website is: http://joinvip.com/signup/signup.php and the phone number is 1.800.836.5004. The connection with this phone card has been really good and often times it’s even better than Skype. So if you are interested give that a try!

–    Letters and Packages: If you are still writing or planning on sending things, here is the timeline for when they should be sent. Letters take from 10-15 days to get here so send any letters before June 28th. As far as packages go- those take about 10-20 days so get those in the mail in the next three weeks.

Just wanted to give everyone a heads up and also didn’t want you sending something you spent time and money on to go to waste.

Hope all is well!

Bethany and the rest of them


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